Windows 7 – Schools Upgrade (complete)

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The Windows 7 migration project is a district wide initiative to upgrade all computers to the Windows 7 Operating System. The initial phase of the project was the upgrade of all school computers to Windows 7.

The Windows 7 operating system is required for many business and instructional software packages and will result in increased performance and fewer issues for the many software titles used by students and staff at CMS.

Current Status
As of 8/6/14, all schools have been upgraded to Windows 7.

Project Milestones
Infrastructure upgrades were complete in late 2013, and five pilot installations (Providence Spring Elementary, Quail Hollow Middle School,  Mallard Creek High School, Cato,  and Grand Oak Elementary) were completed between 11/22/13 and 1/27/14.  The roll-out to all schools began 2/3/14 with a projected completion date of 8/7/14. As of 8/6/14, all schools have been upgraded to Windows 7.  Additional information concerning the Windows 7 migration plan is available on this website.

Additional Resources
Preparing for Windows 7 Upgrade at My School/Department

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Included in the Windows 7 Image?

Windows 7 Quick Reference Guide – Log In, Printing and Shut Down

Summer Upgrades – What You Need to Know

How to Check Home Folder Size

New Print Server Configurations

Connecting and Disconnecting Computers
How To Connect a Computer – English
How To Connect a Computer – Spanish
How To Disconnect a Computer – English
How To Disconnect a Computer – Spanish
How To Connect a VoIP Phone to Computer – English

Using Your Windows 7 Laptop Outside of CMS Network
In order to use your CMS Windows 7 laptop outside of the CMS network (home, public network), the laptop must be placed in a group which receives policies to allow this access. In addition, when logged in at home, you must modify proxy settings to allow this access.

School systems engineers and tech contacts have rights to place the laptop in the required group. The information for engineers and tech contacts is documented in:
Wireless Laptop – Information for Engineers and Tech Contacts

If you need to have your laptop added to this group, please enter a Cherwell ticket. Your school engineer or tech contact can complete this process.

Please reference the documentation on changing proxy settings (link below). Changing the proxy settings when outside the CMS network is required in order for wireless access to work correctly.
How to Change Proxy Settings to Enable Connection to Outside Network

Itinerant Staff/Users Moving Between Windows XP and Windows 7 Schools
Information for Users Going Between XP and Win7 Schools
Win XP User at a Win 7 School
Win 7 User at a Win XP School

Questions may be directed to Vicki Turman, CMS Windows 7 Project Manager (, or Molly Harner, IS&S Windows 7 Project Manager (

Windows 7 Upgrade Schedule

To view spreadsheet, please log in to your CMS Google Apps account.