Tech Contact Form

How to Register School  Personnel into these Positions/Roles

        Principals can declare the staff for these positions by going to:

You may need to login into the intranet if you have not done so already.

Directions on how to edit Contacts:

Technology Contact Roles:

  • Acts as the point of contact for communications between Technology Services and the school (i.e. creating/monitoring help desk tickets and troubleshooting school technology)
  • Provides basic technical support to the existing school computers,tablets, network, AV Equipment and printers
  • Contacts the Information Systems and Support Dept. when planning for purchases and/or installs of computer hardware or software
  • Offers technical support to staff members on using various computers and software
  • Enforces the Internet Acceptable Use Policy and Photo and Video Release Form policy for staff and students
  • Manages Technology Inventory at their School
  • Attending Training/Workshops for the Tech Contact Position
  • Installations of new iPads and verifying Serial Numbers are in MMIS
  • Securing and making the MacBook Air available to their CMS Apple System Engineer
  • Keeping the MacBook Air up to date with OSX updates
  • Restoring, syncing and updating iPads
  • Managing all iPads Apps and Setting on site through Apple Configurator and Meraki MDM
  • Setting up and managing Apple TV’s used for mirroring student/teacher devices
  • Creating helpdesk tickets and working with their CMS Apple System Engineer to resolve issues
  • Distributing and Managing Paid and Free educational Apps with Apple Configurator and Meraki
  • Working with the Volume Purchasing Program to buy paid Apps
  • Informing Administrative staff of lost or damaged iPads
  • Working with Apple or Vendor to replace iPads malfunctions under warranty or Applecare
  • Attending Training/Workshops for the Apple administrator Position

Technology Contact Administrator Privileges

  • Technology Contacts will have the access to the schools server including all student,teacher, group shares, and admin files saved on the School’s Server
  • Technology Contacts will have access to reassign network printers at their school
  • Technology Contacts will have local admin rights on machines to install local software and hardware peripherals
  • Technology Contacts will have the ability to reset Account passwords

IS&S Department Suggestions for these Positions

  • Encourage schools to try to make this a full time position, if that is not possible suggest allocating free time everyday for Tech Contact to perform duties mentioned above
  • Suggest designating someone with strong technical skills that can work well with other staff members and Technology Services