Digital Learning Conversion

Digital Learning Conversion is an initiative encompassing:

– Integration of Digital Learning and Teaching
– Chromebooks for use by students enrolled in all middle grades (6, 7, 8): COMPLETED in 2014-15 School Year
– Chromebooks for use by students enrolled in grades 5, 9, 10, and 11: COMPLETED in 2015-16 School Year
– Chromebooks for use by students enrolled in grades 4 and 12: All deliveries to be COMPLETE by 8/26/16

CMS Digital Learning Conversion Plan
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has set a goal of bringing digital learning to all students by 2018. Digital learning means that every student will have access to a digital device at school – computer, tablet, electronic book. We want our students to be prepared for the globally competitive environment that awaits them, whether they go to college, start a career or join the military after high school. Familiarity with technology is an essential part of making our graduates globally competitive.

To achieve this digital learning goal, we have established a series of steps to take us to 2018. The first step in the process was the conversion to digital learning at all middle schools. We chose middle schools for several reasons. First, we had already invested in digital textbooks and the devices to support them for middle school science and social studies, provided mobile learning devices and nurtured teacher familiarity with professional development facilitators at each school. Research has shown that middle-grade students can experience a loss of proficiency when they leave elementary school. Therefore, we have used technology and devices to address these challenges by engaging middle school students and providing opportunities for extended learning.

We used Chromebooks (Hewlett-Packard laptops with a Google operating system) for the initial investment in digital textbooks. We have found that Chromebooks are sturdy and cost-effective, so we have decided to use them for all schools.

Grades 4 and 12 were delivered in the summer of 2016, with delivery no later than Friday, 8/26/16. Most Chromebooks in these deliveries were the new HP “Rugged” model. The “Rugged” model does not require the use of the iPearl protective cases. Any deliveries of the previous models which required cases included the cases with the delivery.

As in previous years, projected enrollment data from Student Planning was used to determine delivery quantities per school/grade. For high schools, total school projected enrollment was reviewed. Each high school received quantities to provide one Chromebook per student in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, with a cart of 30 spares for the media center.

After the 20th day, enrollment will be reviewed, and adjustments to quantities will be scheduled.

Grades 5, 9, 10, and 11 were completed in this school year.

DLC: Back to School 2015-16
MMIS Process

Destiny Media System: Follett 6102 Scanner
Schools received multiple scanners when the Follett Destiny media system was installed. The wireless 6102 model is the only Follett scanner capable of scanning the bar codes on all Chromebook models (Samsung, both HPs). In order to configure the 6102 scanner, please reference the instructions, following this order:

      1. Scan barcode 1 – “All Symbologies On”

2. Scan barcode 2 – “Video Reverse and Standard Bar Codes”

3. Once scanned in this order, you should be able to decode regular and inverse of all symbologies.

We began the middle-school conversion in the fall of 2014 by inviting schools to apply to be designated a Digital Learning Conversion Early Adopter. Goals for the conversion include bringing participating middle schools to a 1:1 ratio of students and devices, training teachers on using digital devices in the classroom, and building a foundation of educational leadership in middle schools. Semi-finalists were chosen in October and each school submitted a plan based on assessment of instructional staff’s readiness to use technology. Finalists were chosen based on readiness in seven areas: leadership, teachers, students, hardware, tech support, tech integration and collaboration.

Digital Learning Conversion Chromebook deliveries began in November 2014 (Early Adopter schools) and continued through March 2015, completing grades 6 through 8.

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