Welcome to our News

Welcome to our News page.  We will frequently update this page to include announcements for our stakeholders. Please check back often.

The 2015-16 school year is well underway, with several successful completed and ongoing projects. Please click on the following links to learn more about each project:

Password Policies/Reset Tools:  Please visit the Passwords Web Page for the latest information; view the Technology Services Update  – February Edition for information regarding passwords for students in grades K-3 and new students in grades 4-12.

Technology Services Announcement: Passwords for Students in Grades K-3 and Revised Password Format for NEW Students in Grades 4-12 January 2016

Technology Services Newsletter – August 2015

Office 365 Email Migration: Teacher email accounts were migrated to Office 365 in the summer of 2015; this provides 50gb of storage. Migration of admin accounts in schools and departments were completed in November 2015. Please review these FAQs.

Digital Learning Conversion: Grades 5 through 10 are complete.  11th grade deliveries began on 3/24/16 and will be complete by 4/29/16.  Learn more about enrollment/quantity adjustments and management through the new Follett Destiny media system.

School Server Consolidation: The server project for all schools is complete.

Office 2013: Computers received Office 2013 during the summer. In November, Office 2013 was deployed to all remaining computers which had not yet received it.

Acceptable Use Policy: Acknowledgement of the CMS Acceptable Use Policy is now required upon start-up on all devices.

Requests to Purchase New Hardware or Software (Not Currently Supported): The Technology Application Acquisition Form has been modified to reflect the new approval process for hardware or software not currently supported within CMS. In order to proceed, the approval of both the Chief Academic Officer and the Chief Technology Officer is required.